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Daily Blog 1-3-11

Well today has been a blast.  I have changed my major for my bachelors degree to general studies and everything I’ve taken is applied towards that degree.  I only have 2 classes I have to take to finish up, senior seminar and government and politics.  So I got creative, hehehehe.  senior seminar is 16 weeks online, then I took 3 – 8 week courses.  Gov’t & Politics is in the 2nd block so it doesn’t start until March 21.  The other 2 – 8 week courses all start the same day as senior seminar, but both of them are religion classes.  Intro to religion and teachings of paul.  I am so stoked for both of these classes, I love biblical studies and learning about other beliefs.  It doesn’t change my religious beliefs at all, yet it does help me in being able to communicate with those of other beliefs better.  The Teachings of Paul, now those I love.  If I have a favorite section out of the New Testament, it is these teachings.  It’s hard to believe I’m almost done with this step of my education.  Now to prepare for the second part, the masters then the doctorate.  I look forward to the challenge and what I’m going to learn.


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