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Daily Blog 1/2/11

Good day everyone.  Today was fast and testimony at church.  I bore my testimony today and mentioned how I use Mormon.org to share my testimony with those in the world who are searching for the fullness of the gospel.  Besides going to school, my life and that of my family are so surrounded with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  So much so, even a picture of the Lord is over our desks.  All of my education is dedicated to the Lord.  I made a promise to my Heavenly Father I would never touch my books on the Sabbath, in return I would get good grades, which I have.  With this year being dedicated again unto the Lord, my classes and my service unto him is just as important.  Many teachers go into this field because they want to touch young minds.  I’m not any different on that point, however, so many student who have learning disabilities do not feel good enough about themselves.  I want to help change that.  In becoming a teacher and psychologist, I feel I can do both.  Even working with students who are in crisis, with my Associates degree in criminal justice, I know what things to look for and maybe be that interceding person to help save a young person from falling between the cracks.  Even if I can help just one child, then all I’ve worked for will be worth it.  The more I can help, the greater the blessing.  However, I do not do it alone, my Heavenly Father guides me and I do it all in the name of his son, Jesus Christ.  I do what I can today, tomorrow doesn’t exist only on the calendar.  The past cannot be changed, only today.  The differences I make today can make the biggest changes tomorrow.


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