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Hi, everyone.  Well today is December 31, 2010, New Years Eve.  Another year gone and a new year to look forward too.  2010 has been interesting, heartbreaking, inspiring, spiritually uplifting, rewarding and nerve-wracking.  To look forward to better things in 2011, I have to look back to help set guidelines and hopeful plans for this new year. 

Interesting:  School has been very interesting.  I finished up on classes the 17th of Dec. and passed with A’s and B’s.  I’m only 1 credit hour short towards my bachelors degree.  I also look forward to starting on my double masters degree in the fall of 2011.

Heartbreaking:  Well this was not to good of a year in family and friends.  Actually the middle of Dec. of 2009  I lost my baby sister, Lou to cancer, as well as losing my dear beloved sister-in-law Becci on the 18th of Jan. 2010 (13 days after her 60th birthday).  I’ve also lost dear friends also to cancer and other illnesses.

Inspiring and spiritual uplifting:  I’m combining these two, because they go hand-in-hand.  My dad passed away in Feb. 2009, and as my family and I are LDS, I knew I would be able to do the temple work for my dad, one year after his passing.  My mom passed away in 1993, and I honestly had been holding off having her temple work done to do them together.  In April of this year, I was able to do that.  Neither of my parents were LDS, so it was left up to me to do their work.  So, in one day, my wife and I baptized and confirmed both her parents and mine in the temple.  We then went through temple sessions, her for her mom, then for my mom, while I did my dad and then her dad.  Then we went into the sealing room and by proxy, married and sealed for time and all eternity her parents together and my parents together.  Then the most touching and emotional part came.  My wife was sealed to her parents for time and all eternity, then it was my turn.  Mine was interesting though.  My twin sister and I had been adopted when we were 5 days old.  To me, this eternally sealed me to my parents.  Even though I have blood siblings and my birthmother, the people who raised me and adopted me are my parents and I am now eternally a part of them.

Nerve-wracking:  Ever try to sell a house?  Talk about the biggest pain in the rear end.  We have been trying to sell this house since August 2010, and had a few people interested, but no takers.  Hopefully this will change in 2011.  We have so much waiting for us in Utah it is unbelievable.  With my oldest grandson being deaf, there is a fantastic deaf school close to where we will be living.  I’ll be able to finish school, online here in Missouri, even though I will be living in Utah.  The college I will be attending in Utah is Weber State University, and this is where I’ll be working on my master’s degree, which will take 3 years to complete.  I should be completing it just before my 60th birthday.

Future goals:  After getting my master’s, I will transfer to the University of Utah to work on my doctorate in psychology.  That will be in the fall of 2014.  That’s a ways away, but it’s my goal.  Well, that’s it for the end of 2010.  Let’s see what 2011 has to bring, starting tomorrow.


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