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Next school term

Well, today is December 29, 2010, in just 3 days it will be 2011.  Some things are not going like I had hoped they would.  I’m still trying to sell this house, so our moving to Utah is drastically delayed.  I’ve been accepted to Weber State in Ogden, however I can’t get anyone to talk to me and classes start on Monday, Jan. 3, 2011.  I don’t have any books, nothing.  So, at the suggestion of another friend of mine, I’m going to change my major to General Studies and get my Bachelors degree that way.  I should not have any problem with completing it, basically a couple of classes and I’m done.  I already have 123 credits and you only need 124 to graduate.  1 stinking credit hour.  UGH!!!  Oh well, I’m going to take the classes online to finish, so if the house sells and we move I won’t have to worry about it.  I don’t plan on walking for my bachelors, as hopefully I will be in Utah by that time.  Last year I walked for my Associates, so that was the beginning.  I still have a Masters and a Doctorate to work on.  My Masters will be a double degree in special education and psychology, then I will go for my doctorate in Psychology.  My goal is to teach on both the high school level and the university level in psychology, besides having a private practice. 

I’m more interested in working with students who are deaf and have learning disabilities.  Yet my psychology I also want to work with youth that are dealing with child abuse issues, in all forms.  To coin an old phrase, to better be able to work with those with problems, you, yourself have to walk the walk and talk the talk.  Not all psychology majors come from an abusive background, those that have and recovered from it, learned to deal and heal from it and are sensitive enough to it, are the best to help those who are going through it.  It’s like a 12 step program, alcoholics can talk to other alcoholics, drug addicts to drug addicts, because they have been there and done those same things. 

Working with students who have learning disabilities, I understand this one myself.  I have dyslexia, although by my typing and the way I phrase things you would never think it.  I graduated from high school (barely), yet the teachers didn’t teach me how to read or write.  I had to learn that on my own.  Dyslexia was not diagnosed at that time, so I struggled to learn.  I would learn by pictures and images, thus I am a visual learner.  It didn’t help I am hearing impaired as well, although it was not diagnosed until I was 50 years old.  I was always being told I was not listening.  NO I couldn’t hear you. 

Becoming a teacher and a psychologist, fits with who I am, with who I’ve become in my life.  I am also a person who enjoys learning, in any way I can get it.  I jokingly say, “I’m a jack of all trades and a master of some”.  I don’t forget how to do things.  I was a meat cutter, I still remember how to do that.  Secretary for over 20 years, there isn’t very much that I don’t know how to do, except maybe brain surgery. LOL

Anyway, this is what I’m planning on doing for this next term.way


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